Optimize Your Infield System with Top Pilot & Double Chamber Valves

With rapidly growing demand for infield pressure control solutions, irrigation system designers must find solutions to prevent fluctuations during pressure regulation and increase reaction speeds in order to provide more economical and reliable irrigation solutions. Based on BERMAD's best-selling 100 and 200 series valves, we're now able to deliver two advanced solutions: BERMAD's Double Chamber 100 Series, which offers faster closing speed for better pressure regulation when upstream pressure changes and Top Pilot valves, available in both 100 and 200 series, which deliver optimal performance in the most challenging irrigation environments.



On the Agenda

  • How to optimize your infield system
  • Features & benefits of Double Chamber & Top Pilot valves
  • Optimal irrigation design (case study)

Who Should Attend?

Irrigation solution providers, dealers and distributors, experienced designers and advanced application engineers.

Amrit Sumati
Irrigation Sales Director, BERMAD China

Amrit is the new Irrigation Sales Director of BERMAD China, which operates in 34 provinces. Living in China for more than ten years, he's an experienced salesperson with broad experience in the irrigation sector including countries such as Russia and Mongolia. Amrit brings his extensive knowledge in irrigation and infield application to the rapidly growing and changing agriculture industry in China.

Peter Qiu
Application Engineer, BERMAD China

Peter has worked in the field of automation control since 2012 and has diverse experience working in global companies providing technical solutions. For the last 4 years, Peter has been working as application & digital engineer for BERMAD, China, bringing his extensive knowledge to provide infield solutions for complex terrain with extreme slopes and high altitudes in vast regions of South China and Tibet.